A Few of My Favorite Instagram Accounts

Happy Friday all! Today for my “Friday Favorites” I thought it would be fun to share some of the Instagram accounts that I enjoy following. With all the algorithm changes to Instagram, it’s increasingly hard to stumble on new accounts. Besides the fact that there are just SO many accounts out there that it’s hard to keep track and actually get to know what an account is all about. Especially when Instagram only shows you one of their photos every month. Sigh.

Annnnyway, let’s get to it. I’m sharing a quick note about each feed and what I love, plus a screenshot of some of the recent photos posted. Just click on the links you are curious about and then go follow along!

And please share with me a few of your favorite accounts in the comments! I’d love to find some more great accounts to follow.

Favorite Instagram Accounts

Home Decor etc.


If you like home decor/renovation stuff, well you just must follow John and Sherry. They are a (hilarious) husband and wife team who do amazing design work. Oh and they are working on not one, but two, beach houses right now. And one of them is pink. Following yet?

screenshot of Young House Love - Instagram feed


I just recently found Vanessa’s account and I love it! Gorgeous home inspiration AND she creates fantastic sheet music signs for sale.

screenshot of Hearthwood Home - Instagram feed


Natural living, helpful tutorials, and plenty of farmhouse inspiration.

screenshot of Farmhouse on Boone - Instagram feed


I found Grace’s feed and then “lost” it when I couldn’t remember who had been posting the photos that I was now missing in my feed. Thankfully she eventually popped up again, and I love seeing her photos! Beautiful aesthetic, AND? She owns goats.

screenshot of Graceful Interiors - Instagram feed


I don’t know how Marian does it…but she is a design superwoman! And that makes for a really exciting Instagram account to keep up with. Her stories are one of the few that I always have to make time to watch. If you love following along with home updates, furniture flips, painting, sewing, and just about all things home-related, follow Marian!

screenshot of Miss Mustard Seed - Instagram feed


Kay has brought so much beauty to her 1912 home. This girl knows her stuff! Lots of inspiration here if you are in the middle of a reno or even just want to give a modern home some character.

screenshot of Once Upon a 1912 - Instagram feed


My sweet friend Emma is always creating and I love her latest projects. She’s been sharing “30 Minute Thursdays” recently, a series of tutorials that can be accomplished is about 30 minutes. Perfect for those who love DIY, but are short on time!

screenshot of Orange and Elm - Instagram feed


Kriste is an amazing writer and homemaker. Great feed to follow for authentic home inspiration regardless of your chosen decor style.

screenshot of Rosemary and Thyme - Instagram feed

Everything Else


I found Audrey’s blog a few years ago and fell in love with her accessible style. She puts outfits together that I (who am not a fashionista by any means, though I do love clothes!) can replicate easily on my own. She has suggestions for building a wardrobe from scratch, basics to start with, and reviews of new items.

screenshot of Putting Me Together - Instagram feed


I almost always giggle at these postings. Definitely a good one to have in your feed!

screenshot of Letterfolk - Instagram feed


Not so great for my sugar addiction…but how could I not? Follow at your own risk!

screenshot of Sally's Baking Addiction - Instagram feed

Hope you enjoyed this round-up of a few of my favorite accounts on the ‘gram! I’d love to hear about a few feeds that you can’t get enough of, so share with me in the comments!

Ellen <3

If you love homemaking and home decor, join me over at Bellewood Cottage today as I share some of my favorite Instagram feeds. These accounts are full of inspiration and I think you'll love 'em!

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