a quick hutch update + weekend recap

Good morning and happy Monday!

I’m just hanging out over here with a nasty spring cold (just the best, right?), but luckily I had today off work anyway, so that’s a silver lining I suppose. Lots of time hanging on the couch with endless mugs of tea will be happening!

Over the weekend, we celebrated several April birthdays (including mine!) and had a fun time catching up with family and friends + eating way too much cake.

My sis made this gorgeous pistachio layer cake that turned out so yummy. Layers of whipped cream, pistachio pudding, and white cake surrounded by buttercream. The two of us have become way too obsessed with the British Baking Show, which is inspiring all these elaborate bakes…I mean, why can’t someone make a show equally compelling that’s about salads? Ya know?

Notice the gorgeous pitcher and tulips…a birthday gift from my sis! So pretty right?

And in the midst of the party-filled weekend, I did manage to get some painting done, so here is a hutch update for ya!

If you missed my long post about what’s up with this hutch project, here’s a quick recap. Knotty pine is very prone to bleeding through paint, which naturally I didn’t know prior to starting this project. A shellac-based primer is generally the recommendation to solve the bleed-through problem, though it doesn’t always work 100% successfully. After seeing some bad bleed-through happening on my piece, I went back with a few coats of this primer to try to solve the problem.

Did it work?? Well, after two coats of primer on most pieces, I’d say the B-I-N primer is about 80% successful. I wish it had 100% solved the problem, but things do look a lot better at least! This weekend, I added two more coats of primer to the pieces that continued to bleed through and am hopeful that will solve the problem for good.

Because of all these extra coats of primer, I feel like progress on this project has slowed to a crawl, but I’m planning to finish it by the weekend (fingers crossed!), and then I am looking forward to reclaiming my dining room and starting some other projects! Plus, we have a weekend of good weather ahead, so I’m thinking that some garage sale-ing is for sure going to happen. Not like I need any more furniture to flip, but what can I say? It’s hard to resist!

Hope your Monday is off to a great start!



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