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Bear Stays Up for Christmas Book Review

Bear Stays Up for Christmas is a board book that features a bear who is determined NOT to miss Christmas. How his friends keep him awake makes for a sweet story that evokes the coziness of Christmastime on every page.

A board book on a cream-colored blanket.

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Between the story and the enchanting illustrations, you will be instantly transported to the land of all things cute and cozy. A land where a hare, bear, mouse, and more are the best of friends in a picturesque snowy Christmas world. Sweet bear sleeps right through Christmas every year (hibernation you know) and this year, his friends determine, he must stay up! So they keep him busy through the day and night with Christmas preparations.

Bear Stays Up for Christmas by Karma Wilson and Jane Chapman | Book Review

A toddler's board book on a cream-colored blanket.

Parents will relate to the bear’s tireless work preparing for Christmas ahead (even as his faithful friends nod off). They will also relate to glorious excitement of the following morning. The fun isn’t over and you will smile to see the gift that the bear receives from his thoughtful friends.

A sweet little Christmas read perfect for toddlers, or even kiddos a bit older. I do love this one!

A book, Bear Stays Up for Christmas, on a cream-colored blanket.

Age Range: 0 – 4 years
Series: The Bear Books
Style: Board book (hardcover edition available here)
Pages: 34 pages
ISBN-10: 1442427906
Does it rhyme? Yes
Does it have repetition? Yes: “the bear stays up”
Other notes: References Santa, Christmas, and “O Holy Night”.

Thanks for reading!

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A board book on a cream-colored blanket.

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