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Hey friends, today is the day! I’m pumped to share what is changing at Bellewood Cottage. Raising babies and kiddos is a BUSY life. Exhausting, rewarding, snuggly, sticky, messy, but definitely busy. So, maybe we don’t always have time to do the things we know we *should* do. Things like eating dinner together, getting outdoors, reading aloud. However, some of these daily choices can be made much easier!

Just like meal prep makes dinnertime less stressful, having a great stack of books at the ready makes reading aloud a joy, not a drudgery. Reading aloud is something that might seem like a luxury, but it shouldn’t be! It provides a welcome break in a busy day of parenting, plus sweet snuggles and bonding. Not to mention the educational benefits. But whether you are reading aloud or finding books for young readers, no one wants their precious time wasted with a stack of subpar books.

That’s where I come in.

I’ll be reviewing books little ones love (nearly) every day on Instagram. Plus blog posts here with even more info, ideas, and help to get babies & kids reading. I’ll do the searching, pre-reading, sifting out blah titles, and summarizing the style, age range, and content for you. Just follow along and when you see titles that sound perfect for you and your kids, request them from your library or order online.

Stack of classic board books with a wooden rattle.

We do a LOT of reading at our house, and when I realized how much of this legwork I was doing already, it made complete sense to start sharing it here. There are SO many books out there to choose from and at Bellewood Cottage you’ll find my family’s favorites. You’ll find good stories here—stories that will captivate and entrance young readers and listeners. You’ll also find the biggest and best story, as I review books that share the truth of the gospel with the little ones in our lives. Join me as I review books little ones love! 

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