Changes at Bellewood Cottage

Hi, Ellen here! You may have noticed that things have changed a bit on my website. After becoming a new mama early last year, I realized I needed to shift gears…Because managing furniture flips and DIY projects with a little one around was a challenge at best. So, after plenty of brainstorming + behind-the-scenes work on some alternate possibilities, I’ve landed on a change of direction.

Over the following few days I’m excited to share more about what Bellewood Cottage will be focusing on. I believe it’s something that will provide value to fellow mamas, dads, and really anyone with kids in their life. I’m also thrilled that it’s a focus that is already part of my daily life as a mama. Because to-do lists are full enough, right?!

I’m learning that these little years are short. Time goes too fast. I truly want to make the MOST of my years with my little one and I want the same for you! Keep following to learn more. 

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