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Cyber Monday PREP: Fall Style Picks


Anyone else pumped for Cyber Monday? It’s definitely the introverts’ Black Friday and I for one can’t wait to spend time at home online shopping and coffee-sipping.

In preparation for the crazy sales, I am a huge proponent of “pre-shopping.” I regularly update a list on my phone of clothing/accessory pieces to help me stay focused during sales. I try to avoid buying a piece just because it’s an amazing deal. I would prefer to spend a little more and choose a high quality piece that my wardrobe actually needs. This means that pre-shopping is really useful since I’ve already determined where I’ll shop and what I’ll buy (possibly skipping things that may not end up on sale) and therefore won’t get sucked into buying “great deals” that I don’t actually need.

This list I’ve compiled is full of great accessory options for yourself or others (I love gifting accessories like scarves and jewelry as there is no guessing sizes!). I’m predicting that many of these items will go on sale during Cyber Monday, so that’s a great time to do your shopping, but even if you are finding this post well after the sales have passed, use these “fall picks” as a fast way to jumpstart your shopping in any of the categories.


All these picks are from stores I enjoy shopping with and are all pieces I am considering purchasing. I would suggest to check online return policies ahead of time to be sure you are comfortable with what the store offers.

 Note: this is not a sponsored post; nor are the links affiliate links

First up, booties. Does anyone else feel like it is WAY harder to find a good pair of short boots versus riding boots? I haven’t had much luck as I’ve tried on boots throughout the season (they MUST be comfortable!!). I generally am willing to invest a bit more in shoes, since the quality is really worth it to me so the fourth option (from Nordstrom) is my top choice at the moment.


one (Nordstrom); two (Nordstrom);  three (American Eagle); four (DSW); five (Target)

Next up, black leggings. One of my favorite fashion blogs, Putting Me Together (Audrey has the most fantastic posts) recently posted about Zella leggings (first option on the list), so I’ll be keeping an eye out to see if they go on sale (or if something similar turns up on Nordstrom Rack). I’ve also read good reviews about the others I’ve included here, but I am specifically looking for something super opaque. I think I’ll pick up a few of these options and try them on to compare.


one (Nordstrom); two (Nordstrom); three (American Eagle); four (American Eagle)

A high-quality bag makes a more extravagant gift, but the American Eagle option (2nd on the list) is a much lower price than the others. The Lily Jade bag is unfortunately out of stock, but is an investment to consider if you’re a mom and need that diaper-bag functionality. I’m trying to convince my hubby that I will need one once we have a little one on the way…yeah, it’s not working.


one (Nordstrom); two (American Eagle); three (Madewell); four (Lily Jade)

Square blanket scarves are also a fun trend, but tend to be elusive. I typically only find wide rectangles in stores. Everything I have selected here though is a square! I am loving the first option (Modcloth). It’s super cute, and would make a beautiful gift. I think the Apt. 9 options from Kohl’s are really fun as well.



one (Modcloth) ; two (Modcloth); three (Target); four (Kohl’s);  five (Kohl’s)

Necklaces also make great gifts, and you can’t go wrong with a pretty pendant. Here’s a few I have my eye on. I especially like the fourth option from Nordstrom. It’s unique, well-priced, and has great reviews. pendant-necklaces

one (Madewell); two (Kohl’s); three (Modcloth); four (Nordstrom); five (The Limited)

I hope some of the pieces on this list resonate with you as you navigate Black Friday/Cyber Monday and the gift-giving season. So tell me, are you a Black Friday or Cyber Monday shopper? Or maybe both??

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