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| Farmhouse Style | Black Friday Online Deals

This post is a little late in the day, but we still have plenty of time to jump on the Black Friday bandwagon and purchase some great deals.

I compiled this list of Farmhouse picks that caught my eye as I was browsing the sales today. It’s always so hard to know if the deals are best on Black Friday or if the online sales will get even better on Cyber Monday. I decided I would wait until Monday for some of my purchases, but I already went ahead on buying the shower curtain listed below and a few items from Nordstrom (these boots on sale from my earlier blog post and this top).

Have fun shopping!farmhouse-style-black-friday-2016

  1. Target Shower Curtain | $31.59 …it’s worth noting that this curtain looks eerily similar to this $72.99 Wayfair version.
  2. Lush Curtain Panels | $21.59 per panel
  3. Wire Basket-3 pc set | $17.99 (Hobby Lobby has lots more home decor at 50% off!)
  4. White six-pane mirror | $20.00
  5. Driftwood Mirror | $45.00
  6. Special Delivery Pillow | $23.99
  7. Tree for Sale Pillow | $32.99
  8. Happy Place Pillow |  $32.99
  9. Plaid Pillow | $25.49
  10. Winter Woodcut Ornament | $18 + 30% off with code letsgo
  11. Tabletop tree | $34 for small and $54 for large +30% off with code letsgo
  12. Gingerbread Snowglobe Ornament | $18 + 30% off with code letsgo

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