master bedroom update – farmhouse inspiration

With my hutch project in painting purgatory, I wanted to share some inspiration I have been gathering for our master bedroom. I’ve been playing with paint chips for a while and am hoping to at least update the paint and the light fixtures this summer. I moved some different decor in there this week just to see how it looked and got really excited to start refreshing the space like Right. Now.

Some pretty green things:

Other than our basement, we are tackling the updates in our house in small stages. Meaning that we are doing small fixes where we can (paint, maybe lighting, etc) and then hopefully planning larger updates (rip out the carpet! paint all the trim! paint the staircase!) down the road as we save up and decide what we want.

And here’s the plan for the stage one list:

Update paint. I either want to go with a light gray or a soft white in our master bedroom. Even though it’s hard to tell what a color truly looks like online (much less how it will work in a different room with different lighting), I love getting to see color palettes that others have pulled together.

These are some beautiful farmhouse neutrals. My favorites are Collingwood and Pale Oak. I have about three dozen other colors that are contenders too. Darn you Pinterest!

Source: A Burst of Beautiful | Modern Farmhouse Neutral Paint Colors

Hang curtains. We have some lovely (not) green blinds over the window in our room right now, which are great for blocking light, but otherwise super ugly, so I’d love to sew some curtains to update the space. I have a new idea that I hope will work out…and it might involve more drop cloths

-Update our light fixture. Hubby would like to do a ceiling fan, which will probably be a little more trouble since we just have a standard flush mount at the moment, but it will be well worth it!

I’m definitely into this gorgeous windmill fan. The price though? Not so much. The search continues…

Source: Shades of Light – Windmill Fan

-Shiplap. I honestly am starting to debate this one a little. I love the look of planking and it’s such a pretty way to add texture to a neutral wall. I just wonder if it will cease to be trendy at some point and I’ll rue the day that I nailed dozens of planks into my drywall?

On the other hand though, look at how pretty it is:

Source: Little Vintage Nest | Master Bedroom Planked Wall

-Coordinating nightstands. I’m on the hunt this year at garage sales to find some nightstands that I can paint to coordinate for our room. I really like this unique nightstand (it’s actually an Ikea hack! how cool, right??)

Source: Sincerely, Sara D. | Master Bedroom Makeover

-Headboard/bed frame. I’m still not sure the look I want for a bed frame, but I definitely love the contrast of this one against the white linens and planked walls.

Source: Love Grows Wild | Celebrate Summer Home Tour

-Updated linens. When I saw this gorgeous blanket from Farmhouse on Boone, I just fell in love with it. I am keeping my eye out for the perfect fabrics and am excited to get around to sewing this blanket eventually, as well as making some linen pillowcases.

Source: Farmhouse on Boone | Linen and Flannel Ruffle Throw Blanket Tutorial

I’ve got lots more ideas in my head, but I’m realizing I need to sort them all out before I decide on a paint color and get all these projects started! Hopefully this update will be able to happen this summer, as I’m really ready to say goodbye to the current dark gray paint and keep making this house our own!



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  1. I love all your ideas Ellen! The farmhouse look for a bedroom is very soothing and pretty. The fan you picked is so interesting–I love it and have never seen one like it. I like the idea of the white walls like the ones in your inspiration photos–so simple and clean. I can’t wait to see all your changes!

    1. Aw thank you Elizabeth! I’m so excited to get started; I think even just updating the paint will be a huge improvement!

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