how to make  drop cloth curtains

Supplies: - two drop cloths (6'x9') - curtain rod - 7 curtain clips per panel - iron (optional)

Step 1

Wash and dry drop cloths. Ironing is optional.

Step 2

Hang curtain rod with 7 curtain rings/clips per panel. Add more rings if you like.

Step 3

Measure from the rings to your floor and record the measurement. 

Step 4

Measure the length of the panel (sometimes they shrink!) and use earlier measurement to fold over enough to fit your window (I did 12" here). 

Step 5

Optional: Iron or pin the fold.

Step 6

Clip curtains to outside clips first. Then find the middle of the curtain and clip the middle ring. Space the other clips evenly and secure them. I just eyeball this.

the finished  drop cloth curtains

Quick & easy project!