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DIY pumpkins made from socks arranged in a metal basket.

DIY Sock Pumpkins

Learn how to make easy DIY sock pumpkins! All you need to make this cute fall craft is a sock, a needle & thread, doll needle, stuffing, and yarn. Great for budget-friendly fall home décor.
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Prep Time 5 mins
Project Time 20 mins


  • a needle and thread
  • polyester filling
  • light to medium-thick yarn I like a fingering, sport, or worsted weight
  • a larger doll needle about 3″ long or a plastic yarn needle in a pinch (a little harder to work with, but can be done)
  • dry twigs to use for the stem
  • glue gun


Cut a Crew Sock in Two Pieces

  • If you are using a crew sock (roughly the same amount of fabric in the leg section and the foot section), cut out the heel area and the toe. You can technically leave the toe in if you want, but the shape of the pumpkin would be a little different and I don’t like having the big seam for the toe showing in the finished pumpkin.

Sew the Sock Closed

  • Select one of the sock pieces you are left with and using a needle threaded with a doubled and knotted thread, sew a gathering stitch all the way around the tube of the sock. Leave about a 3/4″ of a seam allowance for your gathering stitch (I’ll show you why in a minute).
    Note: to prevent my thread from slipping out of the sock I pull the thread through almost all the way and then I bring my needle between the two strands of thread and pull tight forming a small slip knot on the inside of the sock and prevent the knot from slipping.
  • After you work your gathering stitch all the way around the tube, begin to push the fabric and pull the thread to gather the sock together. When you’ve almost closed the gap, push the edges into the tube to hide, finish tightening the thread and take a couple stitches to secure the gathers.
  • Knot your thread and bury the knot as you pull your needle and thread out of the sock.

Stuff the Pumpkin

  • Stuff the sock with a few handfuls of polyester filling, leaving a 3/4″ gap or so at the top to finish closing the pumpkin.

Sew the Pumpkin Closed

  • Repeat the gathering process, this time around the top of the sock.
  • Stitch around at about the 3/4″ mark and then pull the stitching closed while tucking in the seam allowance.
  • Take a few stitches to secure, knot and bury your thread.

Sew In Grooves

  • Now, thread a doll needle with a single length of yarn about 3-4′ long and tie a thick knot at one end.
  • Bring the yarn up through the center of the pumpkin, hiding the knot as you do so.
  • Wrap the yarn around and down the side of the pumpkin and bring it back up through the center. Pull as tight as you want to form the grooves of the pumpkin.
  • Repeat to make more grooves.
  • When finished, take a few hidden stitches in the center to secure, then knot off your thread and bury it as you stitch the needle and thread out of the pumpkin.

Add a Stem

  • Heat a small glue gun and prepare a small twig for the stem. I usually break off an inch or two. Add a little glue to the bottom edge of the twig and insert into the top of your pumpkin. Let dry.
  • All done! Embellish your sock pumpkin as desired!