from Bellewood Cottage

How to Make DIY Sock Pumpkins

Supplies Required – socks – a needle and thread – polyester filling – yarn – a doll needle (about 3″ long) or a plastic yarn needle – dry twigs for stems – glue gun

Cut a crew sock into two pieces.

Sew one side closed with a gathering stitch and 3/4″ seam allowance.

Here's what it'll look like when gathered. Knot thread and bury the knot.

Stuff the sock with several handfuls of polyester filling.

To close the pumpkin, repeat the gathering process, this time around the top of the sock.

Sew grooves around the pumpkin using the doll needle and a piece of thin yarn.

Heat a glue gun and add a small twig for the stem.

Repeat to create more DIY sock pumpkins and embellish them as desired.

Check out the post and video for a step by step visual + additional tips and tricks.

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