Favorite Fall Dresses for Baby Girls

Curate the perfect fall wardrobe for your baby girl with this roundup of favorite affordable fall dresses for baby girls!

Nine baby girl dresses in blue and green colors in three by three rows.

(all dresses linked below)

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Shopping for a baby girl is oh so fun and I constantly have to restrain myself to stick to needs, not wants. However, within that restriction there is certainly plenty of room for a few pretty dresses. This season I’ve enjoyed shopping for fall clothes for our little lady and wanted to share with you! Since we’re at the age where shoes still get kicked off in about 2 seconds, I’ve decided I’m a huge proponent of tights+dresses for this season. Meaning, allll the cute dresses just moved into the “needs” category. Amiright?

Baby Girl Dresses for Fall

First up, some of my favorite fall dresses for baby girl in cozy chambray, linen, and even denim. 

Nine baby girl dresses in blue and green colors in three by three rows.

1. Blue Linen Dress // 2. Fit & Flare Ruffle-Trim Dress for Baby // 3. Denim Shirt Dress with Belt 4. Corduroy Henley Shirt Dress in Olive // 5. Denim Ruffled-Back Skirtall // 6. Floral Denim Dress // 7. Relaxed French Terry Dress in Navy Stripe // 8. Relaxed Chambray Henley Dress // 9. Linen Blend Striped Dress

Next, we’re keeping things girly with lots of ruffles and pink! I was one of those moms who would “never dress my girl in all pink, I mean, how stereotypical and boring.”

And then we HAD a girl. Spoiler: we own a lot of pink now. And I’m not mad about it.

Nine baby girl dresses in pink colors in three by three rows.

1. Plaid Twill Dress // 2. Linen Baby Dress // 3. Fine Knit Skirt with Straps // 4. Shiny Print Dress 5. Double-weave Cotton Dress 6. Crinkled Cotton Dress 7. Corduroy Henley Shirt Dress in Antique Coral // 8. Pink Peter Pan Dress // 9. Orange Peter Pan Dress

I’d love to hear more about where you shop for fall clothes for your baby girl! Drop me a note in the comments. Let’s shop together!

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