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Drop Cloth Curtains – Reviewed | Part 2 |

Today we’re talking about how to make those fresh-outta-the-package drop cloths into gorgeous curtains. Plus, my experience bleaching drop cloths! Find part 1 of this review, here. First off, a couple of tips for your drop cloth DIY: I suggest purchasing 6’x9′ drop cloths (I bought these). This size generally does not have a seam… Continue reading Drop Cloth Curtains – Reviewed | Part 2 |

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Budget-Friendly Farmhouse Finds for $30 or less

As I’ve been slowly turning our 1980’s house into a farmhouse styled home, I’ve stumbled across lots of beautiful farmhouse accents online. I like these less-expensive decor ideas because they can lend a farmhouse feel to a space without requiring the budget needed for larger renos/updates (like shiplapping all the things). For instance, maybe you… Continue reading Budget-Friendly Farmhouse Finds for $30 or less

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Drop Cloth Curtains – Reviewed | Part 1 |

When we first bought our home, one of the immediate changes I made was to take down all the gross old curtains and oh did that feel great! However, after a few months of going back and forth buying and returning new curtain panels at Target, TJmaxx, and a few other stores (so fun! not),… Continue reading Drop Cloth Curtains – Reviewed | Part 1 |

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Make Your Own Necklace Organizer

When decorating a home on a budget, I think there are plenty of winning strategies that create a beautiful home, regardless of budgetary limitations. For instance, utilizing attractive organizational solutions is one way to make things pretty while providing functional storage. Thus meaning that those dollars are going further. This little necklace organizer piece is… Continue reading Make Your Own Necklace Organizer


Style + Simplicity: Winter 10×10 recap

If you’ve ever been curious about trying a 10×10 wardrobe challenge (they have been fairly popular on Instagram lately), I thought it would be fun to recap my recent experience and share with you why I think you should give it a try! In case you haven’t heard of a 10×10 challenge, here’s a quick… Continue reading Style + Simplicity: Winter 10×10 recap


Things I’m Loving Friday #1

I love Friday round-up posts from the bloggers I follow¬†because I inevitably learn about something new or get inspired to try a project/recipe/etc. Perfect timing too, because oh hello weekend, didn’t see ya there! Read on for some of my favorites from the week! First up, inspiration from new blogs: I am currently OBSESSED with… Continue reading Things I’m Loving Friday #1