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    Wondering what the best baby food pouches for babies and toddlers are? I love brands that are veggie-filled and packed with new flavors for little ones to try. Keep reading for my favorites! I decided to write this post because I wanted to share one of my favorite baby food finds after starting solid foods…
  • Inspirational Decluttering Tips from the Marie Kondo Method
    Get inspired to clean and declutter your home with some of the best decluttering tips from the Marie Kondo Method, otherwise known as the KonMari method. Ah, the KonMari Method. If you have ever struggled to declutter or tidy your home, Marie Kondo’s books are definitely worth a read. If you are curious more about…
  • Ikea Play Kitchen Hack Tutorial + What You Should Know Before You Start!
    Learn the paint, supplies, and techniques I used for my IKEA Play Kitchen Hack. Plus, I’ll share what you absolutely need to know before you get started! Learn how I DIYed this Ikea Play Kitchen Hack, mistakes I made, and a few tips to know before you get started. IKEA Play Kitchen Hack: What You…
  • Favorite Picture Books About Snow for Kids
    If you are looking for picture books about snow for kids (toddlers, preschoolers, and up), you’ve come to the right booklist! This is a collection of my very favorite snow-filled books you will love reading aloud with your kids. What’s On the Booklist I decided to primarily include books that could be read over the…
  • Washi Tape Mason Jar Gift Idea
    Fill up a mason jar with pretty washi tape to make this easy washi tape mason jar gift idea! Perfect for friends, teachers, or anyone who loves crafts. Wondering what to put into a mason jar for a gift? These little jars make the perfect packaging for a variety of tiny gifts, and I love…
  • How to Make Drop Cloth Curtains…Everything You Ever Wanted to Know
    Learn how to make easy DIY drop cloth curtains! My drop cloth curtain tutorial covers all your questions including if you can bleach drop cloths, how many clips you need, if they can be used as blackout curtains, and lots more. I’ve had these curtains hanging in our home for several years now and I…

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