Pink Front Door – Reveal

pink front door

You know you are about to make a gutsy painting choice when the guy at the paint store asks you,

“How did you get your husband to agree to this?”

I’ll agree, a pink door isn’t masculine in the slightest. But with a little convincing (and the knowledge that I would re-paint if it looked really terrible), I eventually managed to sell Ben on the idea.

Honestly, I’m not even sure where I first got the idea of a pink front door. Once the idea was there though, it kind of stuck.

It may have been this photo that Pinterest kept throwing at me.

(photo from Domino.com)

pink front door paint color

Or it may have been the desire to do something drastic to our home that could actually be finished in a weekend. And tackling the front door with paint was a lot less of a commitment than opting to paint the entire interior from floor to ceiling.

Here’s the super exciting before photo:

before painting - front door

And the after:

pink front door reveal

(also, yay for a new welcome mat! I picked one of my favorites from this recent roundup)

Choosing a color

Settling on a particular pink color was probably the most challenging part of this whole process.

Paint chip after paint chip after paint chip.

Trying to figure out which colors looked pink (not gray or peach), but not like craaaazy pink.

I looked at colors in sunlight, on cloudy days, in the rain, in the evening. Finally I just made myself pick one from the several (hundred) that seemed like they would be a good fit.

I ended up choosing Sherwin Williams Bella Pink.

Sherwin WIlliams Bella pink

It’s a pop of color that ends up being a lot more subtle with our storm door closed.

We don’t really know any of our neighbors well enough for anyone to come over and weigh in, but I would loooove to know what they think. Have we officially been dubbed “the pink door people”? Are they living in fear of the next bold move we are going to make? Have they even noticed?

We painted our front door pink!

Honestly, I’m still a little surprised at myself that I took this risk. But, it’s part of the fun of owning your own place. And really, in the end it’s just paint.

painting our front door pink

What risks have you taken with your home? Did you like the way the changes turned out? Share with me in the comments!





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  1. In a million years, I would’ve never guessed I’d be in love with a pink entry door! I truly admire your courage….but even more-so your obvious fore-sight and imagination because you absolutely made it work! Delightful! 🤗

  2. Hi Ellen, can you please tell me what colour your exterior is? Thanks Kylie (all the way from Sydney Australia).

    1. Oo, I wish I knew! The color on our siding has been there since we moved in so I don’t know what it is 🙁 I wish I could be of more help!
      Thanks for stopping by Kylie!