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Festive Fall Home Décor from Michael’s!

September is here and I wanted to share a roundup of festive fall décor I discovered at Michael’s this week. Lots of great pieces that could even be potentially used for multiple seasons.

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A collage of festive home décor with the words, "Favorite Fall Home Décor from Michael's".

I was so tempted to start filling my cart with all the amazing fall home décor while I browsed Michael’s a week ago, but when I realized everything was just 25% off, I decided to wait for a bigger sale. Hence, snapping photos of my favorites so I could remember what to put on my shopping list for next time.

Actually, that’s my biggest tip for shopping at Michael’s–wait for a good sale! Definitely at least 40% off. With seasonal décor you have to be careful because sometimes the best stuff will sell out before there is a larger sale. So if you really really want something, grab it. But if you don’t mind missing out on some of the options, I highly suggest waiting for a great sale.

Also, check post-season clearance. There was lots of amazing summer décor for 70% off when I was shopping. I snagged some faux florals to use for next year for just a few dollars.

My Favorite Fall Home Décor from Michael’s

One of the first things that caught my eye was this little pumpkin basket. I love finding “understated pumpkins” for my fall décor because oftentimes the typical fall colors can be quite bright and bold. This would blend in well with a variety of décor styles, but still provide a touch of autumn.

A rattan pumpkin basket.

I also loved all the fall blooms I was seeing! There definitely are more options for subtle fall tones like cream, blush, and cranberry which could even be utilized across multiple seasons.

This sunflower bunch and this eucalyptus branch are a couple of my favs.

Holding a bunch of fall faux flowers.

This larger “window box” basket was quite pricey, but it really caught my eye. I tend to gravitate towards buying smaller less expensive décor pieces and I’ve realized that sometimes spending a little more to fill a space with one item looks far more put together than collecting together a whole bunch of small things.

Fall monogram letters and a large fall faux flower arrangement.

And how about these cute little wooden crate pumpkins? This would be such an easy DIY to try too–I think I just might!

Pumpkins made from wooden crates at Michaels.

Of course, a fall sign is an easy way to spread the festive autumn spirit. Michael’s had tons of cute ones!

A fall sign at Michael's that reads, "Autumn Leaves and Pumpkins Please".

Hope you enjoyed this roundup of my favorites from Michael’s fall home décor. I’ve included images and links one more time below for easy shopping. Enjoy!

Here’s Everything One More Time!

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