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15+ DIY Christmas Wreath Ideas

Making your own wreath for Christmas is fun and often quite budget-friendly too. You can re-use greenery, décor, and wreath forms you already have on hand or you can start fresh with some basics. You’ll love this roundup of over 15 DIY Christmas Wreath Ideas you can make on a budget (and with limited time too!).

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A collage of festive Christmas wreaths with the words, "Easy Christmas Wreaths to Make".

Crafting is one of my favorite parts of the holiday season. There’s something about walking into a craft store that is bursting to the seams with cinnamon scents and holiday décor that is so festive and inspiring.

A simple homemade craft to try this year is creating your own Christmas wreath! There are so many great tutorials out there that are easy to follow and don’t require spending a lot of cash. This roundup has a mix of projects that will suit a variety of budgets and time constraints, so you are sure to find something you love!

How to Make a DIY Christmas Wreath

If you are making your own wreath, the basics are usually about the same. You’ll need a round wreath form plus supplies to cover it and create the holiday magic. You can create a wreath with just about anything you can think of and there are a lot of clever ideas out there! What about pom-poms, holiday bows, greenery, or even ornaments? Possibilities abound!

How to Make the Wreath Work All Winter Long

If you don’t want to create a strictly “Christmas” wreath, one of the best things you can do is stick with a neutral color palette. Neutrals and metallics look great all season long, even after Christmas has passed. Greenery is lovely throughout winter and accents of blue or pops of bright colors can work too.

For the most longevity, stay away from styles and colors that feel too Christmas-y, like bright red or a red-and-green color palette.

Supplies for Making a Homemade Christmas Wreath

While each tutorial is different (consult the individual posts for supply lists), there are a few things you almost always need when creating DIY wreaths.

Wreath Forms

Almost all the tutorials here start with a wreath form (or even a super-basic greenery wreath that is embellished). Grapevine, metal forms, metal floral hoops, embroidery hoops, and even straw wreath forms are a few of the options that are available.


Faux greenery has certainly improved over the years. While my preference is to shop in person you can also purchase a lot of great greenery online these days. I like to shop Amazon, Michaels, Afloral, Hobby Lobby, and sometimes even Target for faux stems.

Other Tools

Depending on the tutorial you choose, you might need floral wire, wire cutters, and/or a hot glue gun. As for storing your creations, wreath storage bags and boxes are handy.

Some of the wreaths include Christmas ornaments as decorations. Use the massive packs found at craft stores or better yet, shop your stash from years gone by to find enough ornaments to craft into a colorful shiny wreath.

DIY Christmas Wreaths

Try making your own Christmas wreath this year with these fun tutorials for DIY Christmas wreaths!

More Great Christmas Ideas to Try

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  1. Crafting my own Christmas wreath has become a cherished tradition for me, and Ellen’s roundup of DIY ideas is a treasure trove of inspiration. The personal touch of homemade pom poms in Ashley’s Winter Pom Pom Wreath resonates with the festive spirit, while Kelly’s Bright and Colorful Ornament Wreath adds a playful, vibrant note to holiday decor. As I navigate the aisles of craft stores, Ellen’s post will be my guide, turning a simple wreath into a canvas for my holiday creativity.