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15+ Delicious Pumpkin Cookie Recipes and Bar Recipes

On the hunt for the best pumpkin cookie recipe? You’ll love this roundup of over 15 delicious pumpkin cookie recipes and bar recipes. The list features classics like soft frosted pumpkin cookies as well as tempting new recipes for pumpkin snickerdoodles, pumpkin cheesecake cookies, pumpkin macarons, and even edible pumpkin cookie dough!

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It’s officially fall. The season of all things pumpkin and pumpkin spice. My only problem this time of year is choosing which pumpkin recipes to bake.

This list of recipes will get you inspired to head straight to your kitchen and start baking. There are so many amazing recipes here–whether you are looking for a fancy pumpkin cookie to share at a fall party or a simple recipe to make on an afternoon off with the kids.

I’ve even included a few recipes that are gluten-free, dairy-free, or vegan. I’m so excited for you to take a look through the list and choose something delicious to bake!

Pumpkin Cookie Recipes & Bar Recipes to Bake

So, what’s on the list? I’ve got a large selection of great recipes for you here including frosted pumpkin cookies, chewy cookies, blondies, and even a couple vegan and gluten free options. There are a few more challenging recipes (like the Pumpkin Spice Macarons), but in each case the recipe includes plenty of descriptive tips and tricks to ensure baking success!

Recipe calls for pumpkin pie spice? No problem! Whip up your own blend quickly with my easy Homemade Pumpkin Spice Recipe.

What Kind of Pumpkin Should I Buy?

Most of the recipes here call for canned pumpkin puree. This is a completely unsweetened and un-spiced product. You want to avoid canned “pumpkin pie filling” (unless the recipe specifically calls for it) because it does have sugar and spices added which will affect your recipe.

Does the brand you choose make a difference? I find that Libby canned pumpkin is the best bet for the average recipe, though I also have tried generic brands (like Aldi’s) with success.

The main challenge comes if you choose a variety of pumpkin puree that is higher in moisture content than what the original recipe used. Organic pumpkin puree is higher in moisture than conventional cans like Libby. You’ll notice this right away if you open two cans side by side.

Generally I suggest opting for a conventional (not organic) canned pumpkin puree unless you are willing to test the recipe and potentially adjust for a higher moisture pumpkin. You can also check the recipe details as the recipe writer may have tested a variety of pumpkin purees and can offer more guidance on their particular recipe.

Soft Pumpkin Cookies Versus Chewy Cookies

Most pumpkin cookie recipes yield soft and cake-like cookies. This is because pumpkin is a very wet ingredient. It’s an excellent feature when baking breads and cakes, but it can be challenge to get a chewy cookie when using pumpkin puree.

So, what if you want a chewy pumpkin cookie? Chewy cookies are my personal preference so I’ve included several pumpkin cookie recipes on the list that are carefully designed to create chewy, not soft, cookies.

Whether a recipe yields soft or chewy cookies is noted in the title/description so you can select a recipe with confidence.

Chocolate Chips + Pumpkin?

If you’ve never tried chocolate paired with pumpkin, try baking one of the recipes featuring chocolate chips. It’s surprisingly good and takes pumpkin-flavored bakes to another level (with more sugar! ha). It’s a fun combo and worth a try!

Enjoy the recipes!

Easy Pumpkin Cookies and Bars to Bake

Looking for the best Pumpkin Cookie Recipes? You'll love this list of easy recipes featuring seasonal favorites like pumpkin chocolate chip cookies, frosted pumpkin cookies, streusel-layered pumpkin bars and so much more. Let's bake!

More Delicious Pumpkin Recipes

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