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15+ Snowman Cookie Recipes

This roundup of over 15 Snowman Cookie Recipes is filled with creative holiday ideas. You’ll find recipes for Melted Snowman Cookies, frosted Snowman Sugar Cookies, Oreo Snowmen, and even Snowman Rice Krispy treats. There are kid-friendly recipes as well as “no-roll” cookies and extra-quick shortcut cookies. Let’s bake!

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A collage of nine different types of decorated snowman cookies with the words, "15+ Snowman Cookie Recipes."

Let’s talk snowman cookies today! When I first started writing this post, one idea immediately came to mind, “Melted Snowman Cookies”. I saw these cookies a few years ago (whoever originally created the idea is a genius!) and just loved them. Now, there are many iterations of decorations and recipes for that popular idea.

However, there are lots more ways to feature snowmen on your holiday cookie trays. This roundup has over 15 snowman cookie recipe ideas that you can try.

I’ve included some super-easy kid-friendly recipes and more complex decorating ideas that grownups will enjoy too. Regardless how much time you have available, you’ll find the perfect recipe on this list.

Best Kid-Friendly Recipes: Kathryn’s Kitchen Melted Snowman Cookies simplify the decorating process and are SO cute. Great for kids! Conservamome’s Snowman Treats start with a package of NutterButter cookies for a sweet shortcut.

Where to Buy Snowman Cookie Cutters

One of the best parts of this recipe roundup is that I’ve provided over a dozen snowman cookie ideas that do not require a snowman cookie cutter. If however, you’d like to make some classic snowman-shaped cutouts, the cookie cutters are very easy to find around the holidays.

Check any craft store or larger home/grocery store (like Target, Cub, Hy-Vee) in the baking or holiday area. Or, order online. I like to have at least two sizes and shapes on hand for different designs. Plastic or metal cutters are just fine, but plastic has the benefit of not getting bent out of shape with heavy use. Larger plastic cutters with handles are also easier for kids to use.

Basic Supplies for Baking Holiday Cookies

If you don’t bake a lot, it’s worth making sure your kitchen has everything you will need. Read through your recipe for any specifics, but here are just a few must-haves for every baker:

I personally love my hand mixer for quickly creaming together butter and sugar. Good sturdy cookie sheets (I line mine with parchment paper) are essential too. A cooling rack allows cookies to cool completely without continuing to cook.

A kitchen scale is helpful for measuring ingredients accurately every time.

For snowman cookies, you might want to pick up a good snowman cookie cutter or two. However, the great thing about most of the recipes on this list is that you don’t need a cookie cutter at all.

I also like having a simple decorating/piping kit on hand. This can be as simple as a piping bag, a coupler, and a few decorative piping tips (like stars).

Cookie storage boxes are also really helpful. I purchase these inexpensive generic boxes from Target and they are a great size for cookie storage.

I Hate Rolling Out Cookies, Which Recipe Should I Make?

If you aren’t a fan of rolling out cookies, there are several recipes on this list that are perfect for you.

If you want to skip rolling, here’s a few recipes to start with:

  • Snowman Sugar Cookies from Completely Delicious are a no-chill and no-roll recipe. You simply stack sugar cookies with frosting to create the snowmen.
  • Oreo Melted Snowman Cookies from Everyday Eileen use delicious homemade Oreo truffles (so easy!) to create cute melted snowmen–no rolling required.
  • Snowman Rice Krispy Treats from Your Homemade Healthy are holiday treats shaped using a large round cookie cutter and decorated with candies. Skip the cookie dough altogether!

Note: If you’d like to spend your time decorating cookies instead of baking cookies, pick up one of the shortcut cookie doughs or pre-made cookie options at the grocery store. Many of the recipes here can be adapted to use shortcuts.

15+ Snowman Cookies for the Holidays

This roundup of Snowman Cookie Recipes for the holidays includes so many sweet ideas to create your own frosted snowman cookies. The list includes a variety of the popular "melted snowman" cookies, as well as other creative snowman ideas including ideas with Rice Krispies, Oreo Truffles, and even NutterButter cookies! Whether you are looking for a fun Christmas cookie recipe to bake with your kids or the perfect cookie for a holiday cookie tray, this list has you covered!

Can’t get enough cookies? Don’t forget to check out my library of Cookie Recipes including a lineup of Crumbl Copycat Recipes.

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