My BEST Tips for Getting FREE Crumbl Cookies

Hey fellow Crumbl fans! Whether you are new to Crumbl or a longtime fan, did you know you can score free cookies throughout the year? I’ve got some pro tips for you–including a few brand-new ones.

Whether you are a longtime Crumbl fan or the obsession is just getting started, you’ll love these tips for how to save money on Crumbl Cookies!

A large Funfetti cookie with the words, "5 ways to get FREE Crumbl Cookies".

Maybe you are wondering what Crumbl Cookies even are? Crumbl Cookies is cookie-baking franchise that has taken the US by storm with over 300 stores (and counting). People love the rotating flavor menu (there’s over 300 flavors!), extra-large cookies, and the hype surrounding new flavors and weekly menu unveilings.

It’s no surprise that Crumbl has become so popular with unique gourmet cookie flavors like Cookies and Cream Milkshake, Key Lime Pie, Buttermilk Pancake, Mint Chip Ice Cream, Kentucky Butter Cake, and lots more.

I have to be honest, it’s Crumbl’s unique flavors that keep me coming back! While their cookies are a fun treat, I don’t really consider them “the best cookies I’ve ever had”, and I honestly tend to like homemade cookies better. But, whenever an especially interesting flavor hops on the menu, I have to give it a try.

Now, a downside about Crumbl…the cookies are pretty pricey. It’s around $5 per cookie depending on where you live. That can add up quickly.

So, if you love Crumbl and don’t want your paycheck flying out the door each time they release a fresh weekly menu, you might be curious about ways you can earn free cookies. Check out these ways that I personally save money on Crumbl Cookies.

5 Easy Ways to Get Free Crumbl Cookies!

Everyone loves freebies and here’s five easy ways to earn free Crumbl Cookies (and don’t miss the bonus tip at the end):

1 – Use Crumbl’s Rewards Program!

Does Crumbl Cookies Cookies have a Rewards Program? Yes! Crumbl has a loyalty program where you can earn “Crumbs” (loyalty points) for purchases. These Crumbs accumulate to earn you free cookies.

This is one of the easiest ways to earn free cookies. Every purchase adds up and you can earn Crumbl Cash to get free cookies at a future visit.

How does it work? First, make sure you are using the Crumbl app so that your rewards are tracked. Every $1 spent at Crumbl earns 1 “Crumb” and after 100 “Crumbs” you will earn $10 worth of Crumbl Cash! A four-pack of cookies costs about $13-14 depending on where you live, so you can definitely earn some free cookies this way!

Heads up that shipping and delivery fees don’t count towards your Loyalty Crumbs.

2 – Earn Free Crumbs (Cookies!) In the App

So we talked about buying cookies to earn Crumbs (rewards program points), but guess what? Crumbl also gives you freebie Crumbl points too! If you are a new Crumbl fan, downloading the Crumbl App and checking out the loyalty section is the fastest/easiest way to get some free cookies!

How does it work? First, make sure you’ve added the Crumbl app to your phone. Then, click “Loyalty” and then the “Earn free Crumbs” banner. There’s lots of options for simple things like social media follows to get “Crumbs” added to your rewards.

You can snag 5 Crumbs each just for following Crumbl on social media like LinkedIn, TikTok, Twitter, and Instagram. You can get more Crumbs by leaving reviews and referring friends too!

One of the “Earn Free Crumbs” tasks to do is to sign up for their email list. It’s 5 Crumble points just for signing up and you never know what goodies might get sent to your inbox!

Phone screenshot of Crumbl Cookies app email signup.

Another one you definitely don’t want to miss is the free birthday cookie!

3 – How to Get Your Free Crumbl Birthday Cookie

Are you signed up to get your FREE birthday cookie? You don’t want to miss this one. Unlike some birthday rewards that force you to eat your treat on your actual birthday, Crumbl gives you over a month to use your birthday cookie reward. That means you can take your time to see which flavors appear on the weekly menus and when it’s time to head to Crumbl to indulge.

How does it work? Be sure to have the Crumbl App downloaded. Click the “Loyalty” option on the menu and then find the “Earn Free Crumbs” banner and click that. Click “Join birthday club”, enter the day of your birthday, and you are set!

After signing up Crumbl will make sure you get sent a voucher for a free birthday cookie on your birthday (AND it’ll last for 40 days–yay!). Use it for pick-up or in-store purchases!

A phone screenshot of the Crumbl Cookies app "Loyalty" tab.

4 – Free Cookie Giveaways on Social Media

Be sure to follow Crumbl Cookies on social media for chances to win cookies each week.

I follow along on Instagram and Crumbl often posts chances to win Crumbl Cookies. For instance, usually when the new weekly menu announced they will offer a 4-pack of cookies to 4 winners (the usual “tag friends in the comments” model) and while it might be a long shot, it’s just one more chance to get free cookies!

5 – Costco Crumbl Gift Cards Deal

Hi, major Costco fan here! In addition to all their other hot deals, Costco is known for their excellent gift card deals. They offer gift cards for a variety of restaurants and eating establishments and Crumbl is one of them!

You can purchase a set of gift cards for $79.99 that is valued at $100 (4/$25 gift cards). So, you essentially get $20 of free cookies! I mean, you can’t beat it. Thank you Costco!

Note that is a deal that might be limited at Costco–so if you see it, snag it. I could not find it online at the time of this post, but I did see it at one of my local Costco stores.

Bonus Tip #1: If You Want Free Cookies, Work at Crumbl!

I don’t work at Crumbl myself to provide 100% confirmation of this–but word on the street is that Crumbl employees score free cookies.

Crumbl hints at this on their website. On their jobs page for potential future Crumbl employees, the question is asked “Will I get to eat cookies?” with the following quip, “150% yes.”

I’d say that’s pretty good confirmation! If you need a job, why not consider your local Crumbl store?

I’ve seen some threads on Reddit where Crumbl employees mention that “1 cookie per shift” is the offered freebie for employees.

Before I wrap up, here’s a few more Crumbl tips you might wanna know!

Make Your Own Cookies!

Ok, maybe it’s not totally free, but if you already have some basic baking ingredients on hand, you don’t have to spend any money to recreate your Crumbl favorites. Just use copycat recipes to bake them at home! The best part? It’s easy to freeze extras for later, so your freezer can become your own personal stash of Crumbl treats.

Give them a try and see how much fun it is to make your own copycat cookies and share them with friends!

How Much Do Crumbl Cookies Cost?

The cost of Crumbl cookies varies from region to region. In my midwestern area of the United States, here’s what the cookies cost (subject to change):

  • Single Crumbl Cookie: $3.98
  • 4-pack of Crumbl Cookies: $13.18
  • 6-pack of Crumbl Cookies: $19.58
  • 12-pack party box of Crumbl Cookies: $34.08

Obviously the cookies become a better deal the more you buy! If you want to stockpile some in your freezer, I won’t judge.

Other Crumbl Discounts to Know About

  • Crumbl offers a 10% military discount for in-store purchases (military ID needs to be presented).
  • Crumbl also offers discounts on catering orders of 50+ cookies. This is great news if you are having Crumbl Cookies at a grad party, wedding, baby shower, birthday party or anything like that!

I hope you found these quick tips on how to get free Crumbl Cookies helpful! If you have any other ideas for earning free Crumbl Cookies, I’d love to hear ’em.

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  1. What can I say? Simply delicious and well worth the calories! Chocolate chip and the sugar cookie with sprinkles were 2 of the ones I bought today. Not to forget the dirt cake cookie…. YUMMY!!

    1. Hi there Pamela! Just wanted to note that I’m not affiliated with Crumbl in any way–I just enjoy writing about their cookies on my site. I hope you have a great visit when you check out Crumbl! 🙂