Where to Buy Maternity Clothes

Wondering where to buy maternity clothes? There are so many great options to try. Here’s a list of my favorite stores to shop, plus budget-friendly options, and ideas for where to find special occasion maternity dresses.

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Where to Buy Maternity Clothes

If you are shopping for maternity clothes, you can definitely look beyond the tiny selections found in the larger retail stores. There are a lot out of options out there and if you are willing to do a little sleuthing around you can compile a great wardrobe without too much expense.

The first three options on my list are excellent if you are on a tight budget for your maternity wardrobe.


My favorite option for maternity clothes is shopping secondhand. It helps reduce clothing waste and it saves money.

I’ve found that I find better quality and selection if I shop at a store like the Clothes Mentor (which purchases clothing to resell) versus shopping at thrift stores. It’s worth making a few stops at stores in your area to see what is available.

You might even check Facebook Marketplace for clothing that previously pregnant mamas are selling.


ThredUp is an online reseller of used clothing. This can be a good option if you’ve found brands and sizes that you like, but want to quickly find their clothing at a lower price.

I personally feel like the prices at ThredUp are high enough that I’d rather hold out for good sales on my favorite brands. I might pay a little more, but it’ll be brand-new condition. Or, I shop at my local secondhand stores where I can try on the clothes first and avoid the hassle of returns.

Borrow from Friends

This free option is one of the best. While not everyone is willing to share their maternity clothes (especially pieces that will be heavily worn), it never hurts to ask. Borrowing clothing that doesn’t receive much wear (like a special occasion dress or a winter coat) is helpful for saving money on pieces that you only need to use a few times.

Now that we’ve unpacked a few of the best budget-friendly options for building a wardrobe of maternity clothing, let’s chat through some of the popular shopping spots for maternity wear.


Of course, many already know about Motherhood. This is often the first stop for many pregnant moms because it’s so popular.

I have plenty of secondhand clothing from the brand and recently purchased a pair of their leggings off of Amazon (because, free shipping!). The quality of each piece I own seems to be good and the sizing accurate.

Note that Motherhood and A Pea in the Pod are sister companies and Motherhood sells brands like Ripe, Jessica Simpson, and Pietro Brunelli.


Target’s maternity options tend to be a bit limited and perhaps a bit boring/dated. Their jeans are very hit or miss. For me, they tended to slip down (the curse of maternity jeans everywhere!) and just generally fit a bit oddly.

I’d advise trying on some of the maternity clothing available at Target early in your pregnancy and then keeping an eye out for sales. Purchase the size you think best (based on your try-on), or order multiple sizes if you aren’t sure.

Capitalizing on the larger sales (I use the Target app which tends to send me way more notifications than I ever needed, but it does share some great sales!) is an excellent way to save.

Don’t forget baby clothes too while you shop Target–the 30% off deals on kids stuff are some of my favorite sales.

Old Navy

Another favorite stop for expecting mamas, Old Navy has eeeeeeverything. They have lots of activewear, nursing-friendly options, and trendy pieces. However, I’ve found the quality to be a bit of a miss sometimes (more on that in a moment).

I love their maternity tees (long & short sleeve) for layering. Check out their dresses in both the maternity and non-maternity section too. They used to sell knit swing dresses (no waist) which were amazing for pregnancy.

If you can find some flowy/loose dresses (or even tops) in the non-maternity areas, you will get even more wear out of the clothing after your pregnancy.

What about the jeans? I have two pairs of jeggings from a few years ago that are great. Naturally, they stopped making those. I’ve tried on several pairs of jeans this pregnancy and even though not all the styles were a win, I found the fit to be decent.

And here’s a tip: look for the jeans with the long stretchy belly band and the full zipper/button (this pair of jeans is an example) if you want to feel like you are wearing your old jeans.

What about the quality? Unfortunately I feel that Old Navy’s quality keeps slipping. I have maternity leggings from a few years back that are amazing–thick sturdy fabric, an extra long belly band, comfy elastic waist. The current leggings are enormously disappointing. The “belly band” is way too short to be worn comfortably all the way over a belly and the quality of the fabric is thin and lacking stretch.

Another consideration is that even though Old Navy stores can be found many places, you’ll have to shop online for maternity clothing. So, get ready to take advantage of that free online return policy.

Maternity clothes at Old Navy also often seem to be excluded from bigger sales, so if you see some good deals, stock up while the prices are good, and then just send back what you don’t like or need.

Pink Blush

Looking for a cute baby shower dress? Or perhaps a dress for maternity photos? Pink Blush Maternity is your stop. Their current return policy is a little confusing (it’s supposed to be free, but is it?), so I’m cautious what I purchase here and mostly stick with tops and dresses I can expect to fit.

I’ve purchased a few dresses here and was pleased with the quality. They were basic, but fully lined, and made from gorgeous printed fabric. The style is also sewn in a way that they are still flattering after pregnancy too.

Keep an out for the sales on the clearance section. The clothes at Pink Blush can be a little pricey, so you want to double down on the discounts if you can.


H&M is a great maternity stop for all you trendy mamas! You’ll be able to find all the latest styles, but make ’em maternity. H&M runs sales periodically so sign up for their emails and stock up when you get a discount.

They also have lots of nursing-friendly pieces and absolutely adorable baby clothes.

Another thing I like about H&M clothing? A lot of their pieces are 100% cotton or close to it. I’m a big fan of natural fibers (the cheap polyester clothing everywhere drives me crazy), so I love it when I can find clothing made with cotton or linen instead.


Seraphine was a favorite of the Princess of Wales (aka, Kate Middleton) during her pregnancies. The clothing here has a higher price point than things you’ll find at Target or Old Navy, but it seems to be worth the investment. If you need a professional wardrobe (or just a few professional pieces), check here.

Almost everything is nursing-friendly (many of the dresses are even separates so you could get more use out of pieces that way) and high-quality.

This is also a great stop if you need a special occasion dress while pregnant.


I haven’t purchased any maternity clothes from ASOS myself, but it’s another trendy spot if you don’t want to let go of your favorite styles while you are pregnant.

More Ideas

If you love designer clothing, you might also try A Pea in the Pod (sister company to Motherhood) and Nordstrom. Both of these options have clothing from a variety of designers so it’s a quick shop to see lots of options at once. The pricing will be higher of course, but it may be worth it for some key pieces you plan to wear frequently during pregnancy.

Maternity Clothing from A Pea in the Pod:

Maternity Clothing from Nordstrom:

Think Outside the Box

Depending on your pregnancy, you might be able to wear a lot of non-maternity tops and dresses too.

Marshalls/TJ Maxx are some of my favorite stores to shop at when I’m not pregnant. They do not carry maternity clothes, but you can still find some great flowy dresses and tops that are flattering in pregnancy (especially during the first & second trimesters). These pieces with a little extra room (but without the details that scream “pregnancy”) are really helpful during postpartum too.

So, don’t be afraid to shop your own closet or your favorite stores and see what you can find!

What is your favorite place to buy maternity clothes? I’d love to hear about it!

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