My Honest Lily Jade Diaper Bag Review

Curious about Lily Jade Diaper Bags? Read my honest Lily Jade Diaper Bag review to learn what I loved and what I didn’t. Plus, how I pack my bag and how to save money on your own Lily Jade diaper bag.

Camel and gold Lily Jade Elizabeth Diaper bag on a white dresser.

Please note that this post contains affiliate links which allow me to earn a small commission when a purchase is made at no additional cost to you. Read more here. I purchased my Lily Jade bag myself, it was not gifted.

If you are considering purchasing a Lily Jade diaper bag, you’ve probably realized that while a leather diaper bag is undoubtedly a gorgeous choice for toting around all things baby, it’s also an investment. So, you want to pick the right bag.

My honest Lily Jade diaper bag review will give you details of everything I loved…and everything I didn’t love about my Lily Jade diaper bag.

I read plenty of Lily Jade reviews before I purchased my bag, but I never found much criticism of the bags. While I discovered that there are plenty of things I LOVE about my bag, there were also a few things that came as surprises.

I’m sharing this review so that you can buy your bag (if you choose to!) confidently knowing that you have all the info you need and you are making an investment with which you will be happy.

NOTES January 25, 2022: The Elizabeth in Camel and Gold is the bag I own and am reviewing today. Since this bag has been discontinued (there are a few in a different color left), I’ve chosen to link to the main shop or another of my favorite bags throughout the post. My bag has the older organizer, not the 3.0 organizer in the newest bags.

What Is the Perfect Diaper Bag?

The perfect diaper bag is a bag that suits your needs, fits all your stuff, holds up well against constant use, is comfortable, and hopefully is stylish too. (Heads up: here’s another post with some of my favorite backpack style diaper bags).

But is all that too much to ask of a humble diaper bag? Perhaps.

I actually don’t know if there is a perfect diaper bag! In fact, I think most moms (especially of multiple babies/kids) stay the most organized when using a couple of bags, maybe one that stays in the car, etc.

And this is a huge reason why Lily Jade Diaper Bags were so appealing to me. Lily Jades are big gorgeous leather bags WITH a well-designed organizer insert inside that can be easily taken out and left in the car or with the babysitter. The perfect two-bag solution, but in one ultra-organized stylish leather bag.

If you want to re-create this brilliant idea, you can definitely JUST buy the organizer (found here) and fit it into a bag you already own.

What Are the Best Lily Jade Diaper Bags?

My current favorite bags available from the Lily Jade store are the Meggan, the Anna (large) backpack, and the Caroline.

The Meggan bag is very large, which is great if you need tons of space (that was one of my complaints about the Elizabeth–I felt like the bag got filled far too quickly!). It also comes with the acclaimed Lily Jade organizer.

The Anna (large) Backpack is divided in half, so you can separate and organize based on your day’s activities. It also can be used as a cross-body (does not have the insert).

As for the Caroline, this bag is available both in the full grain leather and in a vegan leather version. The vegan leather is far less-expensive and it’s a great budget-friendly bag that is large enough for plenty of baby gear (does not have the insert).

Can You Return a Lily Jade Diaper Bag?

If you are reading Lily Jade reviews, you might be experiencing a little hesitation on purchasing your bag. Here’s a quick overview of Lily Jade’s return policy.

Brand new bags can be returned, yes. Outlets or sample sale bags cannot be returned. Definitely give Lily Jade’s Return Policy (and Warranty Policy while you are at it) a full read-through if you think you might return a bag you have ordered. A few points of interest (my summaries are from these FAQs accessed 1/25/2022):

  • Returns (of new unused bags) are accepted up to 30 days from date of delivery.
  • Outlet bags are final sale…so be sure of what you want!
  • Sample sale bags are Final Sale, As Is. No warranties, exchanges, repairs, or store credits on these bags.
  • Check return shipping costs before purchasing/returning.

My Honest Lily Jade Diaper Bag Review

A collage image of a large diaper bag and the interior view of the packed diaper bag with the words, "Lily Jade Diaper Bag Review" across the image.

As mentioned above, I wanted to write a well-balanced review of Lily Jade Diaper Bags. They are beautiful bags, but I hope this review provides you with the pros and cons that will help you decide if a Lily Jade Diaper Bag is right for you.

What I Love about My Lily Jade Diaper Bag

First, the good stuff! Keep reading for more details and explanation.

  • Lily Jade supports mamas
  • Stylish bag
  • Plenty of colors & styles
  • Well-organized
  • The insert is amazing
  • Converts from crossbody/messenger to backpack (check bag descriptions to be sure)
  • Continue to use the bag after babies are grown

Lily Jade Supports Mamas

Lily Jade actively supports adoption and women facing unplanned pregnancies. Their bags are an investment, but I loved knowing that some of my money was going to support other mamas!

It’s Stylish

Lily Jade makes some beautiful diaper bags! Wearing this bag makes me feel miles more put together than even some of my pre-baby bags. I love the pretty design and the sparkling hardware of my bag. Even the changing mat is well-designed in the bright jade color.

Plenty of Colors & Styles

Lily Jade carries a range of colors (including black, camel, gray, and pink) and styles from large backpacks and diaper bags to smaller bags. The Elizabeth bag that I own (now mostly discontinued) is a medium-sized bag in their line-up of bags.

It’s Well-Organized

Each bag has a great variety of pockets.

These are the pockets the Elizabeth included:

  • Two large exterior pockets (that run across the front/back of bag) with magnetic closures
  • Two smaller exterior pockets with flaps & magnetic closures
  • Two side exterior pockets (no closures)
  • Interior pockets including a zipper pocket
  • 12-pocket removable organizer insert

If you are looking for a bag with a lot of pockets, try Meggan, Anna (large) backpack, or the more budget-friendly Caroline.

I loved having plenty of space to keep all my diapering supplies separate from everything else in the bag. Even if you take the insert out, you still have lots of pockets to keep your bag organized.

The Insert is Amazing

The 12-pocket organizer is brilliant. You can even buy it separately if you want to use it in another bag. I can also tell you from experience that unpacking it makes for great toddler entertainment, ha!

While I love how the organizer works it does add some extra weight to the bag, which I’ll talk about more later on.

The bright jade colored organizer insert from a Lily Jade diaper bag.
The bright jade colored organizer insert from a Lily Jade diaper bag.

The Strap Converts from Crossbody/Messenger to Backpack

You can also use the shorter handles to carry the bag on your arm, but I don’t find that to be comfortable when toting a baby around. Most of the Lily Jade bags convert in this way, just confirm in the bag description before purchasing.

You Can Still Use the Bag After Babies

As I’ve mentioned, the bag is still useful and well-organized without the insert. In fact, it’s lighter and more roomy without it, so it’s even easier to carry after your babies grow older. There’s no need to set aside this bag even after you are done carrying diapers around.

Details on the Lily Jade Elizabeth Diaper Bag.

What I Didn’t Love About My Lily Jade Diaper Bag

Alright, so now it’s time to talk through a few things I didn’t love. It’s worth noting that a few of these (such as the bag’s overall heaviness) aren’t really dependent on Lily Jade. For example, leather bags overall will tend to be more expensive and heavier to carry than fabric diaper bags.

Also, some of these items won’t apply in your case (or could be solved by choosing a different style of bag), but I hope that this short list gives you a few things to think about before buying your diaper bag.

A diaper bag can be a big investment and it’s worth getting it right!

Things I Didn’t Like About the Bag

  • Heavy
  • Large/Bulky
  • Interior Space Limited
  • Organizer Takes Up Space
  • Afraid Zipper Will Break; No Backup
  • Resale is Difficult

The Bag Feels Heavy, and Even Heavier When Full

My Lily Jade bag (the Elizabeth) weighs about 3 lbs without the organizer insert and about 4 lbs with it. Add to that a whole host of baby gear and you’re carrying a pretty heavy bag around. Note: for comparison’s sake, my super-basic diaper bag backpack from Amazon is only about 1.5 lbs before filling.

I found myself less interested in carrying the bag when my baby grew and carrying a baby on my hip + a heavy bag was just too much.

It’s a Bit Large/Bulky

As I talked about above, the bag is undoubtedly stylish. But the size and shape of my Elizabeth Diaper Bag made it a bit bulky and unwieldy as I was carrying it.

I wanted to love the backpack function, but the two shorter straps bouncing back and forth felt awkward and clunky. The messenger carry is my preferred style, but again, with the heaviness of the bag it tended to become uncomfortable for long carries.

In the early days of using my stroller with the infant carseat, the bag was also just a little large for stashing in the basket under our stroller. I always managed to make it fit, but it was close. Note: I refrain from placing my diaper bag on the stroller handles as heavy bags can cause safety issues when placed there.

I think a bag with a more square shape (versus the tapered storage area of the Elizabeth) would feel less bulky and be more comfortable to carry (i.e. the Meggan, Caroline, or Anna–though probably not crossbody with the Anna) .

Interior Space Feels Limited

Wait what? I thought we just established that the bag is plenty big? Well, hear me out.

Early on, I got used to my basic diaper bag backpack from Amazon. And that thing is surprisingly large. I would constantly overpack it and still manage to somehow stuff in extras at the last minute (first-time mom problems).

Even when I packed up my Lily Jade Elizabeth and had empty organizer pockets and space in the interior, the bag felt stuffed. I think this is due to the tapered shape of the bag, which unfortunately also puts a lot of pressure on the zipper and makes it necessary to pack (and repack) carefully in order to zip the bag easily.

If you are into baby-wearing, I found that bulky items like my ring sling made things tight in my Lily Jade Elizabeth bag. It fit, but not comfortably.

I don’t think the side pockets were really designed for water bottles, but I can juuuust fit in my toddler’s bottle. I usually have trouble remembering to save room for it in the inside.

Pink water bottle in the side exterior pocket of my Lily Jade diaper bag.

If you have a lot of gear going into your bag the Anna (large) or Meggan might be a better choice.

The Organizer Insert Takes Up Space

A big contributor to the space problem is unfortunately the organizer. It makes for a superbly organized bag, but it also takes up a healthy amount of diaper bag real estate on its own.

So, even though you have tons of pockets and organizer space, in all practicality you probably won’t be using each one of those pockets unless you are overstuffing your bag. So then the organizer just takes up extra space.

The inside view of my packed Lily Jade Diaper Bag.

I Fear the Zipper Breaking

I’ll be honest, I live in constant fear of the zipper breaking. Because the Elizabeth Diaper bag doesn’t have any other main closure that the top zipper, you are sunk if it breaks.

You know how some bags have an inset zipper and an extra backup magnetic closure? I love that feature because you can seal your bag quickly even if you don’t have time to re-zip. It’s also insurance against a zipper malfunction.

It’s a very sturdy zipper, but it’s still a zipper without a backup plan. And the design of bag means that when packed full, you need to zip it to keep it from exploding everywhere. So, there’s no leaving the zipper open if it gets broken or worn as you use your bag.

Resale is Difficult

After I bought my Lily Jade, I had a bit of regret. It was gorgeous, but I just wasn’t sure I bought the right bag. I decided to list it online while I shopped around for some other options (possibly something that could double as a camera bag).

Unfortunately, even though I bought my bag on a great deal from a sample sale and it was basically brand-new, I had lots of trouble reselling it (and I had listed it for less than 50% of a brand-new Elizabeth bag). I tried on Facebook, the Lily Jade Facebook BST Group, even Craigslist. I eventually gave up!

Lily Jade has been around long enough now there are plenty of used bags in the marketplace and it might be challenging to recoup the investment of yours if you decide it is not the right bag. This is where purchasing brand-new has some perks as you can still return the bag if it’s not what you were expecting.

Would I Buy a Lily Jade Diaper Bag Again?

Overall, definitely yes. I personally don’t have the budget to spend full-price on one of their more expensive styles, so I would absolutely shop around for the best deal (looking at used bags too) and I would probably opt for a vegan leather bag.

In fact, I’m actually considering purchasing the Caroline bag as a “post-baby” bag. It’s under $200, has plenty of pockets, and comes in eight pretty color options (one of which is the more pricey full-grain leather version).

Note! If you are on the fence as I was, definitely don’t miss my money-saving tips at the end of this post.

Items I Pack in My Lily Jade Diaper Bag

As part of my Lily Jade Diaper Bag review, I wanted to give you a little snapshot of everything I usually pack in my diaper bag. This is the longer more “newborn” list and we travel lighter these days for sure.

  • nursing cover
  • Solly wrap or ring sling
  • baby water bottle
  • snacks
  • baby outfit
  • wipes
  • two diapers
  • hand sanitizer
  • changing mat
  • wallet
  • gum
  • lip balm
  • mini lotion & tissues
  • a teether
  • a couple small baby toys
  • a bib
  • cell phone
  • a small book
An interior view of a Lily Jade diaper bag packed with a baby wrap, extra clothing, and diapers.

A few items that I sometimes pack along in a separate bag include my water bottle, larger toys, and an extra blanket. These are pretty bulky so fitting them in any diaper bag can be challenging.

How to Save Money on Lily Jade Diaper Bags

With a pricetag of around $300, I knew would have to get creative if I wanted to purchase a Lily Jade for my diaper bag of choice. Here are my top suggestions for how to save money on Lily Jade Diaper Bags:

  • Choose a vegan leather bag like the Caroline or Brittany (these are about 1/2 the price of some of the leather bags!)
  • Watch for sample sales (usually announced via their email list or Instagram page). Note that I haven’t seen one of these for a long time–hopefully they still plan on having them occasionally.
  • Follow Lily Jade on Instagram and/or subscribe to their email list
  • Consider a nylon version of their leather diaper bags
  • Buy the insert only and use it in a bag you already own
  • Visit the Lily Jade BST Facebook Group to buy a secondhand bag

I ended up purchasing my Lily Jade Elizabeth Diaper Bag through a sample sale, which I learned about through their Instagram page.

As I noted, I haven’t seen a sample sale (or even outlet bags) for awhile. Try watching local BST groups or the Facebook group listed above if you are looking for a used bag. Or, try a vegan leather or nylon bag to get the look without the investment of a full grain leather bag.

Or, just take some time to save up for your favorite and splurge before baby arrives!

That about wraps up this review! If you have questions, feel free to leave a comment and I’ll reply as soon as I can. I hope this Lily Jade Diaper Bag review was helpful as you continue to research diaper bags.

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  1. If you are not sure about a bag do not buy it you have to pay shipping if you want to return a bag I shipped mine they got 11/19 is now 12/1 I haven’t received my money back I will never be purchasing from them again

    1. Hi Eva, I’m so sorry to hear that! I definitely recommend double checking any costs of a return before purchasing a bag as many small businesses cannot offer free return shipping like the larger retailers can.
      I hope you find a diaper bag you love!

    2. Lily Jade is a small company and all the small diaper bag companies I know of do the same with return shipping as well—Fawn Design, Azaria, Mina Baie, etc.

      This seems to be common practice with small companies.

  2. I got an Elizabeth from their outlet sale about 2 years ago for a medical/nursing school bag and agree with everything you’ve said. The shape practically demands feeling overstuffed if you use a full size notebook or two, but has weird empty pockets at the base. My zipper is currently starting to fail, but I can get it replaced at a local leather repair shop for $30. Two years of constant use and abuse later my bag is still gorgeous, and I get a ton of compliments in it. No one believes it’s a diaper bag. The leather is soft and supple with no scratches or discolorations despite being drug through work at hospitals, classes, clinicals, etc.I don’t baby my bag. It gets tossed in the car as I’m sprinting between school/work/volunteer or social life.
    My only other note about quality at this point is that the gold tone hardware is discoloring and one of my front pocket magnets just gave out. Remember I really overstuff my bags.
    The side pockets in mine are great for 20 oz bottles- I keep a French press mug for coffee in 1 and a water bottle in the other.
    1 outer pocket is snacks and emergency rations(popcorn, tuna packet, nuts, fruit jerky, chocolate, etc, drink packets, tea, etc.), the other houses my med kit and stethoscope. The front outer pockets have toiletries and self care items. The inside is ample enough for a letter size trifold portfolio, notebook, digital recorder, iPad with keyboard, large battery pack and cables, earbuds, and other sundries.
    So far it’s been my favorite bag as an adult. I never had peeling handles, the lining could use a cleaning, but it’s in great shape otherwise. I’ve seen several other peoples designer totes look worse with less stress during this time.
    I ended up ordering a Caroline to go into this semester- more for extra space and padded straps. They’re running a sale this week, and a coupon code put a brand new leather Caroline at $277 for me. Elizabeth will get a new zipper and ease into a more social life.

    1. Hi! My zipper on mine has failed. I’m in the process of getting it repaired locally since it’s out of warranty. Have you gotten the zipper replaced? Were you able to find one that matches? I’m having a hard time finding a matching replacement and customer service didn’t know of a source to get it from. Thanks!