The Best Washi Tape Shops on Etsy

Etsy is one of the best places to easily find a unique variety of fun craft supplies. This list of the best washi tape shops on Etsy will get you started with a beautiful washi tape collection for all your washi tape project ideas!

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Why Are These the Best Etsy Shops for Washi Tape?

Firstly, this list is up to date as of 2020. Though various products I have linked here could go out of stock, each of these shops is active and full of beautiful washi tape (and other craft supplies you will enjoy browsing through!).

When I have previously searched Google for the best Etsy shops to purchase washi tape, I’ve stumbled on some great lists…only to be disappointed when most of the shops were long gone.

Additionally, if you have ever done a search on Etsy, then you know that sometimes it seems impossible to wade through all the options! There are a LOT of options.

So, this is a curated list of the best washi tape shops on Etsy. Shops that carry beautiful Japanese washi paper masking tape and plenty of craft supplies too.

Each of these shops has a great selection of washi tape colors and patterns, a five-star rating, ships from the USA (unless otherwise noted), and many of these shops offer inexpensive (or even free!) shipping.

Whether you love to use washi tape for bullet journaling, home décor projects, greeting cards, scrapbooking, or even Christmas ornaments, you’ll be sure to find plenty to inspire on this list!

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The Best Washi Tape Shops on Etsy


With plenty of variety, this shop carries washi tape sets comprised of 5-rolls, 8-rolls, 48-rolls and more. I highly suggest checking out the 8-pattern sets because they feature some phenomenally unique washi tape designs–all color coordinated. For example, wide tapes that have flamingos, foxes, kitchen supplies, furniture and more on each tape.

The shop also carries Kraft Notebooks and Washi Stickers–so perfect for bullet journaling (it’s always a great time to get organized!) or making cards.


You’ll find rolls of washi tape collected into beautiful color schemes, these cool paper cutters, gel pens, and more at this Etsy shop.

I love these round washi tape stickers (great for lists and journaling) and this set of grid washi tape.


Unique and lots of variety! Some highlights include this vintage postal stamp washi tape, these colorful florals (and this set too!), and this pretty set of pink tapes.


You have to check out this adorable animal washi tape (it unrolls to keep revealing new animals to use in your craft projects). From watercolor washi tape to more cute animals,

Also check out these stamps for journaling–pretty leaves and days of the week stamps.


Some really lovely sets of washi tapes here including this selection of botanicals and these plaids/ginghams (adorable!).


This shop is unique because it carries multi-packs of washi tape packed in small sections (1 foot) onto cute wooden spools. This could be a good way to get a large variety of colors and patterns if you like to use lots of different tapes in your craft projects or journaling.

Washi Tape Etsy Shops Located In the UK

If you are shopping overseas (or don’t mind higher shipping costs to get what you are looking for) you can check out the following shops located in the United Kingdom.


Every spool of washi tape in this shop is just gorgeous! They feature a lot of neutrals and subtle patterns.

Some of my very favorites include this literary-inspired set, this paper blooms set, and this paper ferns roll. This pearlescent sealing wax is also beautiful!


I’ve seen washi tape spools here that I haven’t discovered anywhere else, so definitely browse through the selection. I really like this blossom tape and plant washi tape.


So many pretty Japanese masking tapes (including some discontinued styles) to choose from. I love this one and this one.

Tips for Shopping for Washi Tape on Etsy

1. Save On Shipping

Check shop policies because some Etsy shops offer free shipping on small items like washi tape. You can save a lot that way!

Alternatively, avoid purchasing single rolls of washi tape and opt to buy when you are purchasing multiple rolls (or sets) to make your shipping costs go further.

2. Don’t Forget Your Notebooks or Craft Supplies

If you are into bullet journaling, finding a shop that carries blank notebooks or planners can be really helpful. OccasionalMotto is a good place to start if you need a one-stop shop to fill all your journaling needs.

3. Buy a Mix of Patterns and Colors

If you aren’t buying for a specific project, you might not be sure what exactly you want. Washi tape is beautiful and hard to resist! In this case, I suggest buying a mixture of patterns and colors.

Perhaps choose a couple of sets of color-coordinated solids to get you started and then add in some more unique tapes. It’s tempting to buy all the cute patterns, but you’ll soon discover that your projects start to feel repetitive if that is all you have. Space out those patterns with some simple basics!

What Can I Use Washi Tape For?

What to use washi tape for? Oh so many things!

  • decorate a bullet journal
  • cover a cell phone case
  • decorate old bottles, cans, etc to use for pencil organizers
  • design greeting cards
  • scrapbook pages
  • cover a picture frame
  • add color to a reusable water bottle
  • seal packages or gifts
  • create a wall mural for a nursery (or any room!)
  • and much more!

Click on any of the following photos to keep shopping!

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