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How to Make Glitter Lids for Mason Jars

Add some glam to a mason jar with this quick tutorial for how to make glitter lids for mason jars! A pretty glittery lid makes a glass jar the perfect vessel for a desk organizer, a handmade gift-in-a-jar and more.

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A rose gold glitter covered mason jar lid with the words, "How to Make Glittery Mason Jars"

If you want a quick and easy way to jazz up a mason jar, try customizing the lid! I made these washi tape mason jar lids a few weeks back and this week I’m sharing some simple glittery lids.

How do you transform a metal lid to be all cute and glittery? Spray paint!

Just head to your local craft store or home improvement store and check out their spray paint aisle. Look for glitter spray paint (I used Krylon and Rust-Oleum brands) that is specified to cover metal and pick a can of your favorite color.

There are lots of colors of glitter spray paint available such as: gold, copper, rose gold, silver, red, green, blue, pink, purple and more!

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Supplies Needed for Glitter Mason Jar Lids

A quick note on spray paint. I used both Krylon and Rust-Oleum glitter spray paints and I would purchase Krylon Glitter Spray Paint again. They both have some problems (I detail these in the Tips & Tricks section after the tutorial), but I had too many issues with the Rust-Oleum nozzle clogging.

A selection of glass jars and glitter spray paints.

How to Make Glitter Lids for Mason Jars Step by Step

First, gather your mason jar lids. I used some clear glass jars from Hobby Lobby that come with gold lids which is helpful if you are using gold glitter spray paint. You don’t have to worry too much about complete coverage because the color underneath will match.

If you are painting a different color though, don’t worry, the thick glitter spray paint will cover the lids completely.

Separate the lid pieces and arrange on a large throw-away surface (I always head outdoors for spray painting–especially so with this glitter stuff!) with plenty of room to spray.

Glitter spray paint and glitter mason jar lids.

Shake your can following the instructions on the back and spray the flat piece of the lid first. Keep your can about 12″ inches away and don’t overdo–you can come back for a second coat.

Next, spray the rings. The power of the spray paint is enough to send these rings flying which is kind of a hassle! If you can, secure them down with a little tape. Roll a couple small pieces of strong tape sticky side out and apply to your spraying surface, then set the lid on top.

Or, just make sure your spraying surface is nice and big and then chase the lids around with the spray can.

I also found that avoiding spraying the can directly at the side of the rings helped. Instead I would spray at a bit of angle above the ring to catch the sides.

Four mason jar lids covered in gold and rose gold glitter spray paint.

One coat or two?

I found that the flat piece of the lid only needed one coat. It’s hard to get the rings completely coated the first time, so plan to spray two coats on the rings.

Check the back of your can for re-coat times. I waited until the lids felt dry and then turned the rings so I could see the spots that needed touching up and sprayed them again.

Let the lids dry completely and you are set!

Spray the can upside down before storing

I mention this again in the tips & tricks section, but wanted to point out that Rust-Oleum suggests spraying the can upside down for five seconds after you are done painting to clear the nozzle and prevent clogging.

I did not see this info on my can and ended up with a clogged nozzle, so hopefully this tip can prevent this happening for you!

What about sealing the lids?

If you want some extra protection on the mason jar glitter lids, Krylon produces a clear sealer for their glitter paint (as does Rust-Oleum) that will protect the paint but still maintain the sparkle.

Tips & Tricks

Which brand of glitter spray paint is best?

I used Krylon Glitter Blast in Rose Gold for the rose gold lids and I used Rust-Oleum Glitter Spray Paint for the gold lids.

Krylon has great coverage, the nozzle did not clog (and I’ve since used the can multiple times) and the finished result was just what I wanted. Complete opaque glitter coverage.

The downside to Krylon is that the cap was SO hard to get off!

I’m sure there is a trick to it that I’m totally missing, but the cap requires you to pop it off with a screwdriver. I could NOT figure it out and finally had to hand it over to my husband to help. It took him some time too and now the cap doesn’t actually fit back on the can!

I had more issues with Rust-Oleum glitter spray paint

My first can of Rust-Oleum glitter paint, the nozzle popped off and even after replacing it the can only sprayed a second or two and then fizzled out, never to return.

My second can worked fine at first, but the nozzle had clogged when I went to use it a second time.

Rose gold glitter mason jar lid.

I’ll also note that both paints have mixed reviews online. I will purchase Krylon when I purchase glitter spray paint again.

How much spray paint to buy?

If you are spraying less than a dozen lids you ought to have plenty of paint from a smaller 6 oz can.

My can won’t spray? Help!

Oh yes, this is annoying. Glitter spray paint tends to clog the spray nozzle so it’s best to have some mineral spirits on hand. The back of the can suggests removing the nozzle and soaking in mineral spirits to clear it out.

To avoid clogging completely, Rust-Oleum suggests spraying the can upside down for five seconds after you are done painting to clear the nozzle.

Do I need to seal the glitter mason jar lids?

Krylon produces a clear sealer for their glitter paint (as does Rust-Oleum) that maintains the sparkle, but offers some additional protection. I did not use this on my lids, but if you think you’ll use your lids/jars a lot (i.e. desk organizers or something), maybe give it a try!

A glittery gold mason jar lid and a jar full of floral washi tape.

How to Fill Your Mason Jar

If you are looking for creative ideas for “gifts-in-a-jar”, then I’ve got a list for you! These are some of the Best Handmade Mason Jar Gift Ideas from various bloggers around the internet. Add a glittery lid for a little glam to a handmade gift.

A note on food safety: I suggest avoiding using spray paint on any lid that you intend on using with (unsealed) food. You would not want flakes of spray paint or pieces of glitter ending up in your hot chocolate mix!

For food gifts, it’s easy to instead wrap a lid with cotton lace trim, twine, ribbon, etc. for a pretty presentation.

Glass jar filled with scrunchies and a glitter-covered lid.

If you have any favorite tips for working with glitter spray paint, share with me in the comments!

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