My Favorite Mason Jar Recipes

I love using mason jars in my kitchen for all kinds of purposes. They are so handy for crafting mini desserts, prepping sauces, storing leftovers, and more. If you have a collection of the jars too, here’s a quick roundup of all my favorite Mason Jar Recipes on Bellewood Cottage. Enjoy!

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One of my favorite ways to use mason jars is for tiny desserts. I purchase the 4 ounce jars (you get a pack of 12 for about $12) and use them for cute layered treats. One of the best parts is that the jars come with lids, which means your desserts are easily transported and then you can add final touches (like a swirl of whipped cream) at your destination.

The wide-mouth quart jars are another one of my favorites. I use these to prepare lemonade (whether homemade or from a mix), keep up with my water intake, or even make refrigerator pickles.

What Types of Recipes Can Be Made in Mason Jars?

Besides canning, you can make all sorts of food in mason jars–both savory and sweet. It’s worth remembering that mason jars are not oven-safe (even if you find recipes that say it’s ok!) so there are a few limits.

You can use jars to shake up salad dressings, prep salads, or layer meals for lunchboxes. You can use mini jars for desserts, leftovers, or packing small snacks (no plastic!). Even if you don’t know how to can, the jars can be used for storing refrigerator pickles, jams, sauces, and more in the fridge. The possibilities are endless!

What Size Jars Do I Need?

If you’d like to make cute mini desserts, I suggest a set of 4 ounce jars. You may also like a set of 8 ounce jars too for larger portions.

For preparing mason jar whipped cream or even milkshakes (and more), you’ll want pint-size jars. If you can find the wide-mouth variety (where the mouth of the jar is as wide as the jar itself), these are ideal.

If you have a large family or prepare a lot of food, don’t miss out on owning a few wide-mouth quarts. These are amazing for all kinds of things. I especially love them as super-size drinking glasses and for making refrigerator pickles.

Favorite Mason Jar Recipes

Enjoy this collection of favorite mason jar recipes from my website, Bellewood Cottage. Recipes include sweet treats like Mason Jar Milkshakes and Mason Jar Whipped Cream as well as individual desserts that are perfect for parties!

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