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45+ Fall Cookie Recipes You Will Love!

There is nothing like the smell of freshly baked cookies in the fall! Pour a cup of tea or prepare a homemade latte and get ready to enjoy a sweet fall treat with this incredible lineup of over 45 Fall Cookie Recipes You Will Love! The list includes everything from pumpkin cookies to pecan cookies, apple pie cookies to vegan cookies. Even biscotti, macarons, and gluten-free options. Enjoy!

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When I think of fall flavors, pumpkin of course comes to mind immediately. But what about apples, cranberries, pecans, molasses, and maple syrup? There are so many flavorful ways to embrace fall. This list includes a large variety of flavors so you will find the perfect fall cookie–whether you are a fan of pumpkin or not.

The list includes plenty of unique recipe ideas like Sage Sandwich Cookies with Cranberry Buttercream, Maple Chocolate Chip Cookies, or Biscoff Butter Cookies.

I’ve included fall cookie recipes without pumpkin (not everyone loves it!), vegan and gluten free options, and fall biscotti recipes. There are twists on chocolate chip cookies, Snickerdoodles (like my Giant Better-Than-Crumbl Snickerdoodles), and even a fall-themed skillet cookie. How will we ever choose what to bake first?

What Are the Most Popular Fall Cookie Recipes?

Pumpkin cookies might be one of the most popular fall choices (particularly when frosted with cream cream frosting!), but don’t miss other fall-appropriate recipes like Pecan Shortbread, S’mores cookies, and even Cinnamon Roll Cookies.

Basic Supplies for Baking Cookies

While each cookie recipe will require slightly different equipment and ingredients, there are a few must-haves for every baker.

I personally love my hand mixer for quickly creaming together butter and sugar. Good sturdy cookie sheets (I line mine with parchment paper) are essential too. A cooling rack allows cookies to cool completely without continuing to cook.

A kitchen scale is helpful for getting quantities right every time (especially flour, which is so easy to over-measure).

I also like having a simple decorating/piping kit on hand. This can be as simple as a piping bag, a coupler, and a few decorative piping tips.

I could go on and go, but those are a few of my definite must-haves!

How to Bake Great Cookies Every Time

Weigh your ingredients

If your recipe includes the ingredient weights, use them! A kitchen scale is invaluable for many recipes, but it really shines when baking. I love weighing ingredients since I can skip using measuring cups altogether (less dishes to wash!) and the results are always perfect.

Follow the recipe

Following your recipe’s instructions is the best road to cookie success. For instance, if your recipe calls for chilling the cookie dough, don’t skip it! Chilling dough is necessary for some recipes to solidify the butter and prevent overspreading. Use caution with substitutions and don’t expect perfect results if you change up ingredients.

Bake a test cookie or two

It can be really frustrating to end up with dry overbaked cookies. If you aren’t sure how accurate your oven is (and don’t have an oven thermometer), try baking just a few cookies on your first sheet to get the timing exactly right.

Cookies continue to cook as they cool so I often pull the cookies a bit sooner than I might think and by the time they have cooled, they are perfectly baked.

Cookie Recipes for Fall

This list of over 45 Cookie Recipes for Fall is packed with autumn favorites (like Soft Frosted Pumpkin Cookies) and new ideas (like Sage Sandwich Cookies or Biscoff Butter Cookies). You'll find plenty of recipe ideas for Thanksgiving desserts, fall parties, or for an afternoon of cozy fall baking. The list also includes vegan cookie recipes and gluten-free cookies so you can prepare delicious treats for everyone.

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