Why Did Crumbl Remove the Classic Pink Sugar Cookie from Their Weekly Menu?

If you are a fan of Crumbl Cookies, you might’ve been caught by surprise when the Classic Pink Sugar Cookie (a weekly menu standard) was retired from its weekly status and moved to the rotating flavor menu of over 200 cookies. Now, the Milk Chocolate Chip Cookie is the only flavor that stays on the menu every single week. Why the switch? Let’s chat!

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When Did Crumbl Move Classic Pink Sugar Off the Weekly Menu?

Crumbl moved the cookie off the menu in April 2022 and announced the change on their social media platforms. They encouraged fans to purchase extras before they were gone and keep them in the freezer for later.

Now, the best way to get a Classic Pink Sugar Cookie on the double is to make your own batch of copycat cookies.

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Maybe It Just Wasn’t That Popular?

Of course the first theory is that maybe the cookie just wasn’t that popular? With all the tasty creations that Crumbl comes up with week after week, maybe it’s no surprise that after fans have tasted a cookie they would rather spend their dollars on trying a new flavor.

Or Was It the Almond Flavor?

Almond flavoring in baked goods is a bakery trick that adds a certain luxurious feel to a cookie or cake. Most of us don’t bake with almond extract very frequently and our cookie recipes often call for classic vanilla. So, when we taste that hint of almond we instantly feel like we are really getting something special.

However, almond flavoring can also be more divisive. Not everyone loves the surprise flavor when they are expecting vanilla.

Selling More 6-Packs?

What I think the most likely scenario though (or possibly simply a combination of all of these three) is that the change has to do with selling more 6-pack boxes over 4-pack boxes of cookies.

So, prior to the change, if Crumbl released 4 flavors (plus the staples of Milk Chocolate Chip and Classic Pink Sugar), many fans would likely just grab a 4-pack box with all the fresh weekly flavors. After all, the staple flavors would be there the following week too, right?

But, with a flavor rotation of five flavors and only one staple cookie? Well, if you wanted to try each fresh flavor, it makes the most sense to grab a 6-pack box and either add a Milk Chocolate Chip Cookie (the only weekly staple cookie remaining) or a duplicate of a favorite flavor on that week’s menu.

This is what I find most plausible. Now, this situation benefits Crumbl of course, but it also benefits us fans. Now, we can almost always anticipate 5 fresh rotating flavors (usually at least one that is brand new) with each weekly menu. This means that favorites come around a bit more frequently and each weekly menu is even more exciting.

When Will Classic Pink Sugar Come Back?

Funnily enough, as I was just about ready to publish this post, the Classic Pink Sugar Cookie finally made a reappearance! The cookie appeared on the flavor menu for the week of August 28, 2022. So it took around four months to reappear.

Crumbl also notes that the cookie has been updated a bit–this time that iconic pink frosting is made with real almond extract. The frosting tops Crumbl’s signature sugar cookie base. Note that their sugar cookie base actually appears semi-frequently on the menu with different toppings.

My expectation is that the cookie will return to the menu roughly every four to six months. This still isn’t all that frequent, so like Crumbl suggested, purchase several and freeze them…or, make your own Copycat Pink Sugar Cookies when the craving strikes!

What Are Your Thoughts?

Do you miss the Classic Pink Sugar Cookie? Do you think it should be placed back on the menu every week? Or, do you prefer having more fresh flavors on each new menu? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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  1. Pink sugar cookie is the absolute best! It’s the reason I go to Crumbl & the only cookie I buy. PLEASE BRING IT BACK to weekly menu. Although, you are saving me a lot of calories and dollars as I don’t buy the other cookies ever. I look forward to it for special occasions like Valentine’s Day & my Birthday, that’s how much I like it.